10 Years Strong Mix Series – #2 JPS ‘Live at Golden Plains’

Posted by: Rebecca on April 17, 2014


Photo by Renee Stamatis

As part of the 10 Years Strong anniversary, the diverse and different artists from The Operatives collective have carefully crafted a series of 10 mixes to be released over the rest of the year – and the second instalment is none other than founder and director JPS  with his live recording of his set from Golden Plains Festival. Relive – or recollect your memories from the Saturday night slot – or wish you’d been there in person with the footage below, featuring none-other-than FLYING LOTUS’ tour VJ Strangeloop on the visuals!


Captured ‘Live at Golden Plains’ JPS’ sprawling set with visuals provided by Strangeloop needs to be both seen and heard to be believed. After a decade in the game as the founder and chief of The Operatives, it’s clear Jerry Poon’s passion for music hasn’t wavered since his formative years as drum n’ bass DJ. His live set – deftly delivered at the 1am slot at the festival – captures the ethos of the collective as much as it left the audience enthralled and gyrating. Genre-bending, mixing seminal tracks with the unreleased new, championing the local with international, as a DJ and director, Poon is an advocate for the excellent and eclectic. Spanning from NZ producer BENNY TONES to Honolulu’s MR. CARMACK to his own forthcoming co-productions’ with HOOVES, with the scattering of DILLA and DNB classics, ‘Live at Golden Plains’ devastated the dance floor with the discerning taste of one of Melbourne’s most renowned selectors.



1. Your mix is part of the 10 Years Strong Series, how did you become involved with The Operatives collective?

Deep within the recesses of my brain I always wanted to be a spy, I figured MI6, KGB, CIA, KFC etc wouldn’t take me at once (or wouldn’t they) so I decided to form my own secret Agency.

 2. Flash-back to ten years ago, what would you be listening to right now?

Certainly lots of drum and bass.

3. Which track will you still be listening to in ten years time?

Terri Callier – Dancing Girl

4. What are your top 3 memories from your musical path?

Collectively seeing acts that I’ve in someway been associated with grow to some of the biggest artists in the world and setting up shows in iconic spaces in the country, like the recent Flying Lotus performance the Opera House. But in general just proudly watching The Operatives grow, after countless events, tours, DJ sets, to becoming an actual cultural influence with international status.

Touring the US and playing in so many cities but in particular Atlanta, Oakland and LA. The vibes in those cities were off tap!

In a festival setting, I felt extremely honored to be playing this particular set at Golden Plains – it was an amazing experience. But I have to mention Let Them Eat Cake and the pride that comes with playing a festival which has become so successful in such a short time and to be part of the team, that memory will live on for a long time.

5. How did you go about crafting this mix – what was the inspiration or mood you are creating?

I wanted to start the set slow, to build anticipation. The Benny Tones track is certainly one of my favourites from last year and I felt it had to be played out in a setting as large as Golden Plains was. After that, it was all about making people dance and feel some serious BASS! The set was not rehearsed but I have combos and a bunch of selected cuts that I knew I had to play, I included some of my all time favorites in there as well. Knowing that Dave Wexler aka Strangeloop was on visual duty as well inspired me even more.

6. This mix explores various artists, what has attracted you to this particular palate of sounds and rhythms?

The bottom end, heh. I’ve always been one to mix a variety of genres, tempos in my sets. Sometimes it’s particularly hard with 1hr sets, but the intent was was to basically encompass music, or dance music as the way is see it.

7. Is there anything you regard as an essential aspect to music you like, make and listen to?

It has to affect me in some way, evoke an emotion whatever it may be and this always changes pending on my mood, the variables in the environment or other external factors.

8. What are you instruments and software of choice when producing your own music? Is there a certain time or place when you are the most creative?

I use the Maschine  to sample and cut ideas, concepts and find beats but I’m not the greatest driver when it comes to production. I see myself as more of a DJ first.

9. What are you excited to be working on musically in the future?

Finishing an EP with Johnny Hooves (couple of the tunes were featured in the mix) and a collaboration with Sean Deans and finally dropping the label in the coming months.

10. Is this the type of mix we can expect from seeing you perform live?

Hell yeah, but if it’s in a different setting, that will change 100%.

Stand by for the next mix in The Ten Years Strong Series exclusively through The Operatives. 

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