Posted by: operativejp on March 20, 2015


We manage to track down the Elusive Operative Fugitive for a bit of insight into what makes him tick.

1.     Your mix is part of the 10 Years Strong Series, how did you become involved with The Operatives collective?

Back in 07-08 just after moving to Melbourne from Wellington, I was introduced to Jerry through a mutual friend; we were on the same page musically, he put me on a night at Workshop. I was using a tiny keyboard and Ableton v1 or something antiquated.

2.     Flash-back to ten years ago, what would you be listening to right now?

 2005 … I listened to a lot of band stuff, skater punk like Lagwagon, NOFX & NZ punk bands like Kitch etc

3.     Which track will you still be listening to in ten years time?

I always know this answer to this when that track is playing, but I’d get it wrong if I had to think.
An artist I’d like to still be listening to in 10 years – ‘Calibre’ he knows not to change his signature sound.

4.     What are your top 3 memories from your musical path? 

Playing before Gaslamp Killer @ KUBIK to a sold out crowd in the rain

Lunice @ Revolt Artspace

Samiyam @ St Ali’s was my first international support I think

(bonus) Getting way too sideways on cough syrup with Edd Fisher @ Revolver

5.     How did you go about crafting this mix – what was the inspiration or mood you are creating?

I thought of the first half being more dance floor orientated then moving more into a ‘back to my house’ kind of sound

6. This mix explores various artists, what has attracted you to this particular palate of sounds and rhythms?

Young genres these days undergo honeymoons & then messy attempts at re-living them, I guess I wanted to look past trends & pull out what I think works. The second half I sat down with a good friend Tom K & we just listened to all these new & old tunes one night it was so fresh so we decided to glue them together.

7. Is there anything you regard as an essential aspect to music you like, make and listen to?

Don’t know if it’s essential but I like polarity

Loud chaos with quiet harmony

Light soulful vocals with dark tones

8.     What are you instruments and software of choice when producing your own music? Is there a certain time or place when you are the most creative?

I’ve been using a few older synths lately which I’ve been into

DX7 / Roland Super JX

Creativity comes when you’re least prepared, you need to be around that environment a lot to really get it down

9. What are you excited to be working on musically in the future?

When I get into the studio with friends, lots of fresh samples / synths & everyone is just doing their thing, that’s what I enjoy the most.

10. Is this the type of mix we can expect from seeing you perform live?

Yeah some of it for sure… unless I get requests, I ALWAYS stop the tune I’m playing for a request.

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