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An icon of the city of Melbourne, Hans DC is no doubt one of the most versatile and skilled DJ on this side of the world. We catch up with him here on his life with the Ops and the new mix he’s laid down.

1.     Your mix is part of the 10 Years Strong Series, how did you become involved with The Operatives collective?

I’ve always known who Jerry (JPS) was and what he did, but we never really crossed paths till much later on. Nam I’ve known being in retail for many many years before the DJing took over. To answer your question I don’t really know how I got involved. Just being that social pest who was always backstage hassling everyone I guess. Im sure they inducted me just to shut me up. 😉

2.     Flash-back to ten years ago, what would you be listening to right now?

2005 was towards the end of the nu-skool breaks era…so I guess there was a lot of progressive house around.

3.     Which track will you still be listening to in ten years time?

Why are these questions so hard? I’m not sure. I know I will still be listening to techno of some sort or any sort of glitchy dubsteppy type thing.

4.     What are your top 3 memories from your musical path? 

Opening for Q-Bert

Being part of The Rainbow Serpent Family

Being part of The Operatives

5.     How did you go about crafting this mix what was the inspiration or mood you are creating?

Ive been picking tracks for this mix for the last few months. Some old some newer. I wanted to do something dark, moody and had fierce bits in it – but still be smooth and fluid.

6.     This mix explores various artists, what has attracted you to this particular palate of sounds and rhythms?

This mix is a good indication of my influences from being in The Operatives. Coming from a techno rave background, Ive learnt to appreciate a different way of mixing and laying down tracks of this ilk.

7.  Is there anything you regard as an essential aspect to music you like, make and listen to?

I like big and epic sounding music. Love synths obviously and pianos.

Im pretty open to most music, but I don’t like boring music. And country. I don’t like country music.

8.     What are you instruments and software of choice when producing your own music? Is there a certain time or place when you are the most creative?

Don’t really produce that much as such, but when I do Im on a Maschine Studio and a Micro Korg. I run Serato on the regular, and Traktor with 4 channels and two X1’s for my bigger gigs.

9.     What are you excited to be working on musically in the future?

The never-ending quest to create the perfect layered mix innit?
There are a few things on the cards for me in the near future. Been sitting in with a mate helping him tweak and remix a whole bunch of original material. Stay tuned!

10. Is this the type of mix we can expect from seeing you perform live?

Definitely if its an Operative show. Depending on the time slot given, it can also be modified to go up, down and even sideways!

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