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Posted by: operativejp on May 4, 2016


This week in Average Advice, Tom and Lui of Average Rap Band answer your questions about Drake, salmonella poisoning and the best techniques for self-appointed nicknames. If you’re a little underwhelmed by Drake’s new joint ‘VIEWS,’ you’ll definitely need some of ARB’s advice this week.

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Dear Average Rap Band. Is this Drake album gonna grow on me, or should I just give up and listen to shit I actually like?

Music is not supposed to be enjoyed. The discussion here is not whether you like Drake; that is not important. What you should really ask yourself is do you like having friends? Do you like having fun? Do you want to be shunned into social media solitude, outcast from history’s timeline? All for worthless individuality? Of course not. You want acceptance, you want respect, you want camaraderie, you want to walk with supreme confidence onto a bourbon-soaked d-floor with your woes and without woes. There you will dance the dance of conformity and sing in unison the anthem of your generation; “OH EM GEE OH EM GEE, I’m a motherfucking legend.” Yes you are.

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