Brand new Billy Davis Video: Goldfish

Posted by: operativejp on January 16, 2018


Throughout 2017, Billy Davis introduced himself to new fans with his exciting blend of hip-hop/RnB. With support from around the world, the talented producer and band leader has stamped himself as a unique talent on the Australian musical landscape, with things culminating in the release of his debut album, A Family Portrait.

With a big year ahead, including new music and plenty of live dates, he today shares the visual accompaniment to one of the standout tracks off the album, ‘Goldfish’ – featuring US-rapper Denzel Curry. The video showcases Davis’ strive to build a family, with many of his band members and collaborators appearing throughout the clip. Davis says;

‘The video is an insight into the process of how the ‘Goldfish’ came about, the journey of my crew, the Good Lords, and myself. You see the entire process from beginning to end, workshopping, studio time, recording, and vibing out to it with my closest friends. Finally the transition to a live show, which is one of my core loves, playing it out to the fans and family. There’s also my unique and special relationship with my hype-man, stage diving extraordinaire, Beluga.’



1. Intro 2. Golden 3. Goldfish (feat. Denzel Curry) 4. No Longer Lovers 5. Ball and Chain
6. Postcard (feat. Jace XL) 7. Esau 8. Earthquakes 9. Used Goods 10. I Don’t Care
11. Not Polite 12. Front Porch (feat. Hvncoq) 13. Rocking Chair (feat. Jace XL & Cazeaux OSLO) 14. Jacob (feat. Mrs Davis)

Tour Dates
3/2 – Laneway Festival // Footscray Community Arts Centre (Melbourne)
10/2 – Waterfront Festival // Frankston Foreshore (Melbourne)
24/2 – Secret Garden Festival // Brownlow Hill (NSW)
25/2 – Sydney Headline Show // The Landsdowne (Sydney)
7/4 – By The Meadow // Bambra Bowl (VIC)


‘producing a funkadelic hybrid of soul and hip-hop that is wholly of the here and now’
High Snobiety

‘a very smooth genre-bending musical experience

‘Billy Davis is a hidden gem, the kind of funk, jazz, electronic and hip-hop is really unlike any combination of genres we’ve heard’
Hilly Dilly

‘hybrid of musical genres that’s easy on the ear and will leave a warm feeling in your heart.’
Indie Shuffle

‘Subtle and simmering, it is one of those songs that slowly creeps up on you’
the 405

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