Cultural Oasis Laneway Party

Posted by: Rebecca on November 15, 2013


The collective Foreign Brothers in association with Gallery ONE Three are kicking off Melbourne Music Week tomorrow by promoting some of the city’s finest local musicians and artists. Cultural Oasis promises to draw you into the creative heart of our city, deepening your awareness and connection with Melbourne’s multi-cultural creative identity.

The four friends, who share an affinity for collecting, documenting and promoting their city’s diverse talents, present a laneway party that has been a year in the making. Bringing together work from some of the most talented visual artists, DJs, producers, performance artists and live musicians from around the world, this event will transform one of our famed city laneways into a melting pot of art, culture and creativity.

Music: MFP, Julien Love, Cazeaux O.S.L.O., Pranic, SIB, The Oakley Grenell Quartet, Amin Payne x Condensed Milk

Performance Artists: Miss Colombia, Chiara Kickdrum x Dosh Luckwell

Artists: Lucy Lucy, I & The Others, Ellis Dee and Ouvra

Get tickets here and RSVP here.

Images courtesy of Foreign Brothers.

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Cultural Oasis Laneway Party

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