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Posted by: Rebecca on January 19, 2014


ABLE8 – as a DJ or producer – has to be one of the hardest working guys in the game right now. Take a tram past any abandoned wall and see his name across paste-up posters advertising for gigs of all kinds, be it hip-hop, Sunday sessions, his own label ‘Uncomfortable Beats’ and of course, on support at The Operatives gigs – not to say that he’s over saturated, instead each time you see him spin – from his own beats to an eclectic selection of unconsidered tracks from across the globe – you get a new ABLE8.

And his latest EP is no different. He says ‘Program.01′  is a mixture of ‘new and revamped musical works’ but it sounds stylistically like an upgrade, a producer that’s come into his own mixing his signature elements of glitch, hip-hop with a bit of juke and footwork pacing with what he calls a ‘electronic aesthetic’ and deftly manipulated with an MPC (as pictured above). The contrasting samples of pitched-up vocals and teamed with distinctive MC drawls work layered richly against his intricate production and effective arrangements to make an diverse collection of tracks.

Drawing on his extensive musical knowledge, the EP contains some unusual samples and re-works from a worldly network of collaborates. The first track ‘Low It’ samples NYC rapper FAT JOE against a face-paced, impossible to not try and keep up with finger-drumming, background and ‘The Author’ features the chopped up vocals of a RFYL session by fellow Melbourne producer Cazeaux O.S.L.O. On the remix duties are Berlin based WERMONSTER with a sped-up and psychedelic sounding version of  the soul infused ‘Closed Captions’ and DURBAN POISON and LUSKIN reflip ‘If Only’.

With ‘Program 01.’ ABLE8 succeeds in exploring some truly unique sounds with the help of an international roster of colleagues – best approached with some good headphones to pick up the intricacies – or telling him to play it live at any show you might be lucky enough to catch him at across Melbourne.

ABLE8 has also just dropped this video accompanying his release ‘Eventually’ on London label Boom Bap Professionals with BENNY DICTION featuring RO JISTA and CAPPO. Check it out below and get a hold of it via a ‘Name Your Price’ download here.


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Latest releases from ABLE8

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