ONEMAN at Boney Friday 13th December

Posted by: Rebecca on December 9, 2013


“A DJ’s-DJ is kind of a rare thing these days, when even the guy who cleans your windows probably fucks with Serato. But Oneman is just that, and in his own understated way, changed the face of British dance music.” – FACT Mag

With a reputation as one of the UK’s finest and most sought-after selectors, ONEMAN is one of very few touring DJs literally changing the face of the game. A figure synonymous with Rinse.FM and the culture behind it, Steve Bishop has taken his Garage origins and perfected them into an aggressive, genre-bending sound that, as of 2013, is as unpredictable as utterly inspired. Whilst DJing, remixing and collaborating with contemporaries including JAMIE XX, BEN UFO and FOUR TET; ONEMAN is one of very few DJs to submit compilations for both the highly respected Fabric LIVE and Rinse.FM mix series. Having just kicked off his gut-busting ‘Solitaire’ mix series, ONEMAN will be showcasing his heaving party style the whole dance world wants a piece of.

Supported by some of Melbourne’s finest – including The Operative’s own HANS DC, one of Australia’s most consistent and versatile DJs, as well as . Check below for the latest mixes from ONEMAN and HANS DC and RSVP here.

ONEMAN’s ‘Solitaire Vol.2’

HANS DC’s ‘Smoke Machines and Lazer Beams’

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