Remedy no. 6 for Nalauwaki Kindergarten

Posted by: operativejp on March 30, 2016



Yet again it’s amazing to have all the Melbourne crew band together to raise funds for another cause that i so close to home. Much love to the crew at Remedy and Section 8.
And the DJs: Rintrah//Able8//Headstone//Sista Sarah//Lotus Moonchild//Mitsunami//Midflite feat Nathaniel//Manic Pixie//JPS//MPMA//Oisima //Nick Thayer//Safari//TheCamilos//Hans DC//Mzrizk//Sal//Dezzy

You can still pledge to help rebuild Nalauwaki Kindergarten and Lucy Dayman and The Bulu Bar crew are not far off the mark of what they need:


“As you’re probably aware the beautiful Island Nation of Fiji has been absolutely ravaged.
In the wake of Cyclone Winston countless homes have been lost and lives have been shattered.
Aid agencies, with the support of Governments from around the world, are providing immediately needed basics of food, water and shelter.
Once things become more stable and the worlds focus shifts there’ll still be things needing to be done.
In 2009 we funded and helped build Nalauwaki Kindergarten and in 2013, with donors assistance, Vatusekiyasawa Kindergarten near Rakiraki, both were casualties of Cyclone Winston.
The Nalauwaki and Vatusekiyasawa kindergartens were so much more than just two kindergartens. As well as being a place to learn, the buildings were a meeting space for parents of the students and quickly became a popular place for tourists to visit, especially for holiday makers visiting Octopus Resort just over the hill from Nalauwaki. Both kindergartens had a teachers residence and Vatusekiyasawa also had a basic first aid clinic for the Village.”

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