silentjay and Mandarin Dreams

Posted by: operativejp on December 27, 2016


Yup we’ve been there, it’s a house of the most rediculously talented cats who seemed to have absorbed the talent and funk of luminaries to become just that, Mandarin Dreams Studios has dropped this amazing mixtape of outakes, b-sides and well really just A+ biz for your aural pleasure…

Mandarin Dreams- Footstep in the Dark
Leon ware- Body Heat
Ohio Players – Sweet Sticky Thing
SilentJay – Herbie Bounce *
Pierre Ailion- No.94*
SilentJay- Follow the Sound.*
Upp – Bad Stuff
Mother Freedom Band – Assistants Ray
Horatio Luna- Alta Negras*
Lou Donaldson -You’re Welcome, Stop On By
Raw Humps- 3rd Rock*
Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges- Tudo o que você podia ser
Ronnie Laws- Friends and Strangers
A.kid – Crystal Reflections*
Dufresne- An Electroswing Song about Bicycles*
Acidslop- Metcard Express*
Pierre Ailion- Death and that which causes it.*
Gary Bartz- Celestial Blues.


“ A.kid mix”
-Special thanks to fkn Chino for ‘care drums’, his gear and ears.
* Bedroom tracks recorded at Mandarin studios, Melbourne

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