Some Reviews With Jimmy For Reals: Bugskull – Collapsed View

Posted by: Jimmy For Reals on September 1, 2014


I picked up the first Bugskull album more or less a whim (it had really interesting cover art) and was pleasantly surprised to discover a roughly assembled collection of outerdimensional hip hop and eerie yet comforting field recording-ambiance thematically structured around microscopic worlds. As enigmatic an unknown (to me at least) debut as you could really hope for, so as you might imagine the unhearalded arrival of Bugskull’s follow up Digitalis release this week came as just as much of surprise, one with high expectations nonetheless.



Fortunately for all of us it’s as diverse and unexpected as its predecessor, though he’s dispensed with the hip hop angle this time in favour of abstract psychedelia and hazy pastoral dreamworlds. On the digital release there’s no tracklist to speak of, just two 20 odd minute assemblies, so finding your own highlights is all part of the fun. If you’ve enjoyed the jumbled cerebral jams of Clever Austin’s Hideaway Headshell or gauzy pastoral ‘scapes of Ulrich Schnauss or Kiyoko then look no further – this one is for all the blunted armchair sessions and sultry Sunday afternoons you could ever desire.



Collapsed View is out now on Digitalis

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