The Operatives on Roof To Reel

Posted by: Rebecca on December 16, 2013

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It’s a Monday afternoon, the sun has just hit your desk and you’re already dreaming of turning the radio up on driving home on Friday afternoon – or reminiscing of Sunday, sitting on a deck chair with a burger in hand. Transporting you back there any time of the week is the Roof To Reel series presented by EDD FISHER at Rooftop bar throughout the summer, to be replayed on his PBS Radio Show ‘Tomorrowland‘ every Friday from 1pm- 3pm. A few weeks ago saw The Operatives’ JPS, SEAN DEANS and FUGITIVE take to the rooftop to play some audio delights – catch up with them below and with eyes closed you can almost taste the weekend cider.

Check out Tomorrowland here.

Follow the Roof To Reel series here.


Picture of JPS courtesy of Edd Fisher.

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The Operatives on Roof To Reel

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