The Operatives Select the best tracks of 2013

Posted by: Rebecca on December 10, 2013


It’s been a huge year in 2013 electronic music and for The Operatives. The underground scene has broken into the spotlight, with more ears and heads turning this way then ever before. There’s been local musicians nominated for Grammys, producers winning the Arias and of course the unforgettable Espionage nights pushing the boundaries of Australia’s experimental music scene. From forward-thinking artists SEPALCURE, KAYTRANDA and SALVA slaving behind the decks for the first time in Aus,  to monster nights where even the artists are knocking back Jack Daniels on stage (we’re looking at you, MR. CARMACK) and the LANEWAY SAFARI – a throw back to 70’s New York block parties – that saw crowds queuing for hours to dance in the sunlit Tattersalls Lane until midnight.

There’s been spin-tingling evenings like AFRICA HITECH’S dark bass and gospel-like vocals of STEVE SPACEK against the backdrop of pouring rain at Melbourne Music Week and  JPS slaying the dance floor while Japanese artist JUN INOE painted behind. JON WAYNE dropping acapella raps at secret balcony show and getting amongst the audience across his Australia-wide tour. There’s been the SOUNDCHECK series showcasing the incredible artists who have joined us across the year, and the unrelentingly talented and hard-working Agents, their own events, radio shows and labels that create the Melbourne ever widening musical landscape and of course their releases that encompass everything from hip-hop to jazz to the entirely dreamt up.

We asked the Agents to select their favourite track of 2013 – and the results are as diverse and as different themselves. The tracks explore the realms of what works in a DJ set, the tunes that they hit repeat on, a song or lyric that has meant something personal – all expressing emotions in unfamiliar ways. Hit play below and get to know the Operatives’s endorsed Best Tracks of 2013!

EDD FISHER selects ‘Benga Benga 1’ – Ajukaja

“Great tropical afro edits of Kenyan Benga music.”

AMIN PAYNE selects ‘Ikarus’ by Ladi6

“Dance floor friendly, good vibes and get both the boys ‘n girls groovin'”

HANSDC selects ‘I’m Loing You’ by Chaso in the CBD

“I’m not entirely sure what I like about it, but its got all the elements of what I love in a track. Plus its really smooth. Its house but not, garage but not. Got a vocals but not too cheesy and it has a great mood and a good groove.”

DJ KUYA selects “Smack My Bitch Up – The Prodigy”  the Noisia Remix 

“This track sounds incredible, and it always catches people off guard when I play it out.”

NAM selects “Limit To Your Love – James Blake” the Amin Payne Remix
“This remix is huge. Amin’s drums on this track and most of his tracks just sound big when played on a proper sound system. No bias because he is part of the Operatives fam.”

A13 selects ‘Ghost Fad’ by JPS and Johnny Hooves
“Hard to select the one track – there been so many good tunes, every thing Om ‘can do no wrong’ Unit has been good, Prof Popper by Stray is large but the one tune that seems to make it in to all my sets and that is an absolute monster of a track would have to be Ghost Fad by JPS and Johnny Hooves forth coming on The Operatives record label.”

COSMO selects ‘Scorpio’ by Jeedo

“The rebirth of the acid sound has been prolific in 2013 but for me has failed to break out of the realm of nostalgia. Waajeed revolutionises the iconic 303 sound with his untouchable drum programming to make this track sound like it has beamed in from the year 3030. Add a throwback vocal from Mad Mike Banks of UR fame and this track kills it from all angles.”

ABLE8 selects ‘Ride My Car’ by Esta

“It’s such a great tune to merge say, deep Dubstep and Hip-Hop Beats in a DJ set and the track itself has such a good vibe.”

SILENTJAY selects ‘So Many Details’ by Toro Y Moi

“There were so many moments this year where I felt like I was in the video clip and every time I was in those situations, this song would pop up in my head – plus it goes hard!”


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