Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Babe Rainbow – Falling Apart

It’s been a while, but Cameron Reed (aka Babe Rainbow) has re-emerged from the swirling fog of musical obscurity...
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Mikael Seifu Yarada lij cover

Some Reviews With Jimmy For Reals: Mikael Seifu – Yarada Lij

Not sure I’ve heard much if any Ethiopian music, but its probably safe to say that it doesn’t sound...
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Some Reviews With Jimmy For Reals: Bugskull – Collapsed View

I picked up the first Bugskull album more or less a whim (it had really interesting cover art) and...
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Some Reviews With Jimmy For Reals: El Mahdy Jr. – Gasba Grime EP

North African and Arabic music remains one of the few exotic frontiers yet to be heavily incorporated into electronic...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Sully – Blue

Infrequent and sporadic though they may be, the arrival of a new Sully record always comes with pretty high...
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Listen to SAMPOLOGY’s MIX from WEARE10

In classic SAMPOLOGY style, the Brisbane-based audio-visual DJ set the WEARE10 party off to an incredible start. With a...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Alex Banks – Illuminate

Short of going into full blown hyperbole meltdown mode, I think it’s safe to say that this new LP...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Air Max ’97 – Progress & Memory EP

Photo by Elliot Lauren Air Max ’97 appears to be making some of the most interesting electronic music in...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: David Douglas – Moon Observations

Photo by Victor Van Der Griendt Whilst it might be early days to make such a call, David Douglas seems...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Low Leaf – AKASHAALAY

It’s pretty rare these days, amidst the incessant flood of music that assails you daily, to be absolutely captivated...
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Flying Lotus at The Sydney Opera House

Photography by FBI Radio “It feels like everything has been building to this moment,” Steven Ellis says to the Music...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Sd Laika – That’s Harikiri

When Sd Laika’s debut EP came out in 2012 I hadn’t really heard much if any of the new...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Epiktan – We Come From the Trees

In an interview almost three years ago, Epiktan – aka Grimes of Brisbane-based duo Science Project and co-founder of Dub...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Downliners Sekt – Silent Ascent

It’s been a fair while since Downliners Sekt closed out their outstanding run of breakthrough EP’s with 2011’s Meet...
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Green Nose Press pic

Some Reviews With Jimmy For Reals: Green Nose – Ying Yang 666

If I had to describe Green Nose’s music to a stranger with the ultimate aim of getting them to...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Wen – Signals

I don’t know if you heard, but Grime is amazing again. Of course you could argue that it was...
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10 Years Strong Mix Series – #1 Sean Deans ‘Rhythm & Bleeps’

As part of the 10 Years Strong anniversary, the diverse and different artists from The Operatives collective have carefully...
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Some Reviews With Jimmy For Reals: Puzahki – Minutiae

Brisbane’s Puzahki isn’t exactly a newcomer to electronic music, having peddled his wares for over a decade now, but...
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Some Reviews With Jimmy For Reals: Clap! Clap! – Tambacounda EP

Some deft Afro-Futurism from Clap! Clap! this week, coming through like a lost-tribal savant being given sudden access the...
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Some Reviews With Jimmy For Reals: Untold – Black Light Spiral

Since cutting his teeth in the outer vestiges of Dubstep, Untold has been carving out a singular space for...
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I Don’t Want To Date A Majestic DJ

After reading Chris Tranter’s article ‘I Wanna Date a Majestic Girl’ yesterday on THUMP I couldn’t help but laugh....
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Brock Van Wey – Home

You might not have heard of Brock Van Wey, but chances are you’ve heard music from of one of...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Lee Bannon – Alternate/Endings

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that 2013 saw something of a renaissance for Jungle and Drum & Bass...
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Some Reviews with Jimmy For Reals: Debruit & Alsarah – Aljawal

I’m probably not alone in saying that I don’t know much about Sudanese music, which considering the enduring popularity...
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Latest releases from ABLE8

ABLE8 – as a DJ or producer – has to be one of the hardest working guys in the...
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037A6364 copy

Let Them Eat Cake 2014 Review

With the radio blaring a soothing soul station, keep-cups full of champagne and clinging to cheeseburgers, we head West...
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Review: AMIN PAYNE – George Benson Tribute

There are too few musicians whose releases are a sonic pick-me-up. A few minutes of soul-brightening funk that somehow...
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